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Financial Reports




Annual Financial Statements

2019 Consolidated Financial Statements


Interim Financial Statements

2019H1 consolidated Financial Statement 


Kutxabank Seguros Reports

Kutxabank Vida y Pensiones Solvency and Financial Condition Report (Spanish version)

Kutxabank Aseguradora Solvency and Financial Condition Report (Spanish version)

Report on the Financial and Solvency Condition of the Kutxabanks's Insurance Group (Spanish version)




Annual Financial Statements

2018 Consolidated Financial Statements 

Interim Financial Statements

2018H1 consolidated Financial Statement (Spanish version) 




Annual Financial Statements

2017 Consolidated Financial Statements

Interim Financial Statements

2017H1 consolidated Financial Statement (Spanish version) 




Annual Financial Statements

2016 Consolidated Financial Statements

Interim Financial Statements

2016H1 consolidated Financial Statement (Spanish version) 




Annual Financial Statements

2015 consolidated Financial Statement


Interim Financial Statements

2015H1 consolidated Financial Statement (Spanish version) 





Annual Financial Statements

2014 consolidated Financial Statement

2014 Kutxabank Emprestitos S.A Financial Statement (Spanish version)

Interim Financial Statements 

2014H1 consolidated Financial Statement (Spanish version) 





Annual Financial Statements

2013 consolidated Financial Statement

2013 Kutxabank S.A. Financial Statement, individual basis (Spanish version)

2013 Annual Banking Report (Spanish version)

2013 Kutxabank Emprestitos S.A Financial Statement (Spanish version)   

Interim Financial Statements 

2013Q2 consolidated Financial Statements (Spanish version)





Annual Financial Statements

2012 consolidated Financial Statement

2012 Kutxabank S.A. Financial Statement, individual basis (Spanish version)

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