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General Statement on the Prevention of Money Laundering and the Financing of the Terrorism of Kutxabank Group

The Board of Directors of Kutxabank is the highest authority with regard to anti-money laundering and the financing of terrorism (hereinafter AML/FT) for the Group. It is the body responsible for adopting the appropriate measures to guarantee compliance with the regulations in force on this subject, as well as for defining, developing and implementing the structure and operation of the internal control and communication bodies (appointments of the ICB and of the Representatives before the Sepblac) and the specific policies and procedures regarding AML/FT.

Committed to the need to prevent and impede all of its branches, departments and subsidiary companies from being used by people linked to criminal activities, it approves the Manual for the Prevention of Money Laundering and the Financing of the Terrorism in order to involve the whole organisation in AML/FT and it requires the utmost diligence from all employees of the Group in complying with this manual.

The aforementioned Manual covers all policies and procedures of the Kutxabank Group with regard to AML/FT, establishing effective internal standards and procedures aimed at:

  • Developing the financial activity in accordance with rigorous ethical rules and the legislation in force.
  • Establishing rules of conduct and control and communication systems, in order to prevent its services from being used for money laundering.
  • Encouraging all its employees to observe the policies and procedures aimed at gaining knowledge of clients.
  • Strict compliance with laws, as well as the recommendations issued on this subject by the International Financial Operational Group and the national and international authorities.

The Manual is applicable to all those falling under the remit of the regulations that are part of the Kutxabank group. It is published and available for viewing by all employees of the Group.

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