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Sustainable Financing


Social Covered Bond


Second Party Opinion by Sustainalytics

Sustainalytics, a leading provider of ESG and corporate governance research and ratings to investors, conducted the second party review of Kutxabank’s Social Bond framework and provided an opinion on the allocation, management and reporting aspects of the bond.

Kutxabank Social Bond Review 


Update on the use of proceeds

Given Kutxabank´s commitment to transparency, it will divulge a report twice a year to disclose the total amount of loans provided under the VPO program using the social bond proceeds, the number of loans granted,
and the number of individuals to whom Kutxabank granted a mortgage under the VPO program. In the same way, Kutxabank will disclose the number of housing units constructed using social bond proceeds.

2H15 Kutxabank Social Bond update

1H16 Kutxabank Social Bond update

2H16 Kutxabank Social Bond update

1H17 Kutxabank Social Bond update 

2H17 Kutxabank Social Bond update

1H18 Kutxabank Social Bond update

2H18 Kutxabank Social Bond update

1H19 Kutxabank Social Bond update

2H19 Kutxabank Social Bond update

1H20 Kutxabank Social Bond update

2H20 Kutxabank Social Bond update

1H21 Kutxabank Social Bond update

2H21 Kutxabank Social Bond update

1H22 Kutxabank Social Bond update

2H22 Kutxabank Social Bond update

1H23 Kutxabank Social Bond update

2H23 Kutxabank Social Bond update

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